“We work with high quality standards.”


Since 1975, Desa Demir has managed to make a name for itself both with the service it provides and its quality principle and has always been an example to the sector in its field.

With its three experiences in the Desa Demir sector, our company, which provides services in Turkey’s significant projects with the widespread logistics network that can reach all parts of the country, with the principle of trust and three continuity, aims to be a pioneer in every step it takes in the sector.

As Desa Demir, our goal is; To keep the service quality high and to maintain customer satisfaction, while managing the production and delivery process in the most reliable conditions, to increase customer satisfaction with the most affordable price.

Desa Demir is working uninterruptedly to become a worldwide brand in the cnc laser cutting industry by preserving its strong structure. DESA DEMİR, gives the services and runs the processes conforming with ISO 9001 quality management.